Ranthambore national park

Ranthambore National Park

Visit Ranthambore National Park to Watch the Royal Banga Tiger in Action & its rich Heritage & Wildlife.

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Canter Safari is a very enjoyable safari style for observing wildlife in Ranthambore National Park. The canter is a twenty seater open top safari bus or van. Canter Safari is also booked by the Park Authority. Up to 20 people can enjoy a jungle safari simultaneously from the canter. Most visitors and wildlife lovers prefer to go on a canter safari because the height of the canter is higher than a jeep which makes it easy to see wildlife amidst the distant forest and dense bushes. It provides a special wildlife experience to visit the park and enjoy the spectacular views of the national park. Canter Safari in Ranthambore can be enjoyed at two different times – one in the morning shift and the other in the afternoon shift.

Limited canters are allowed for jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park. The canter is recommended for a large group of tourists at Ranthambore National Park Safari. The Cantor is the ideal safari vehicle for large families or groups. Canter is a very good safari option for those who want to share the experience of safari together instead of traveling in different vehicles. For the family or group, the canter safari in Ranthambore ensures that every member gets the same experience, if a group of people take a safari with different vehicles, some of them may be lucky to see tigers and others are not.

In addition, the canter is the right option for those who want to see tigers and other wildlife in Ranthambore with an economically low cost safari vehicle. A major advantage of the canter over the jeep is that due to its large size, you are in a higher position and can probably look further into the forest than a jeep.

Jeep Safari in Ranthambore is one of the most popular options to explore wildlife and admire the beautiful landscape of the park. The Jeep is a 4 wheel drive Maruti Suzuki Gypsy which is fully open from the top and can carry 6 passengers at a time to enjoy the Ranthambore Jungle Safari. You can enjoy the personalized and enriched experience of jeep safari in Ranthambore either in the morning or in the afternoon with naturalist.

Seats in jeeps are booked on a sharing basis with other visitors. If you want to book an exclusive jeep for yourself, then you have to pay the entire jeep and with this option you can experience a private jeep safari in Ranthambore National Park. If you value the location and privacy, we recommend opting for a private jeep safari in Ranthambore. To book a private jeep, you have to reserve all six seats, which mean that there will be no one else in your jeep besides you, your naturalist / guide and your driver.

Jeep is the most preferred safari vehicle for jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park. The jeep being a small safari vehicle provides a more intimate experience and takes you into the dense forest of the park which increases the chances of seeing wildlife and tiger. The Jeep is capable of easy access to the park’s nooks and narrow paths. A shared jeep safari is an ideal option for visitors who want to reduce the cost of their safari trip and enjoy meeting new people. Jeep Safari is recommended for small group of six people or less.

In particular, a jeep safari is recommended for wildlife photographers, so that they can capture a clear view of big cats and other species of wild animals in their camera. A shared jeep safari at Ranthambore can be reserved online in advance for morning or afternoon shifts. Jeep Safari in Ranthambore is always subject to availability.

If you do not get seats in Jeep Safari, you can book seats in Canter Safari, Canter is also a good option for Ranthambore Jungle Safari. Both safari vehicles use the same route in all zones of the park, canters are not allowed in zone 7 and 8 only, so both vehicles have equal opportunities to see a tiger and other wildlife during a jungle safari.

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Ranthambore National Park hosts deciduous forests and wildlife such as Bengal tiger, Indian leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, striped hyenasloth bear, southern plains gray langur, rhesus macaque, mugger crocodile and chital.

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