Naming of Tiger Cubs in Ranthambore

7 cubs of three tigress became young; The territories will also be known as T-128, T-129, T-130, T-131, T-132, T-133 and T-134 in Ranthambore National Park.

In Ranthambore National Park, seven young cubs of tigers and tigresses got recognition
Sawai Madhopur.

The Ranthambore officials have ensured the identity of the nearly two-year-old tigress, who were looking for a breeding ground after separating from their mother.

Two-year-old male cubs of tigress T-8 have been identified as T-128 and T-129. On the other hand, the forest department named T-130 and T-131 to the male cubs of tigress T-94, T-130 and T-131 and one male cub of tigress T-93 as T-132 and two female cubs as T-133 T-134.

Two cubs of T-94 have been young in Ranthambore National Park

According to the information received from the forest officials in Ranthambore National Park, currently the territory photo trap of the young cubs is in the Khandar range according to the camera.

Tigress T-94 gave birth to two male cubs. At present, both the male cubs of the tigress are about two and a half years old and both are roaming in the forest area after separating from the mother.

On separation from the mother, the forest officials named the cub as T-130 and T-131 on one of the tigress. Their territories are Kasera, Devkui, Stone Kui under Devkui, Balaji Tent, Jail Kho, Khatola, Ravra, Indala of Khandar range.

The male cub of -93 has been named T-132, the female cub has been named T-133 and T-134.

All three are roaming in the forest area of ​​Devkui, Choti Ka Nala, below Devkui, Berda Chatha, Jharna Kui, Lahpur, Pukhraj Tihara, Ferozepur, Sunkadeh, Khatolakho, Indala forest area.

Tigress 8’s cubs also got identity.

Like the two tigresses, the two year old male cubs of tigress T-8 have also been given a new identity by the forest officials of Ranthambore National Park. Both the cubs of the tigress are separated from their mother and roaming in the forest area.

The pictures of them moving away from their mother have been captured in the photo trap camera.