Tiger T-65 Found Dead

Tiger T-65 found dead in Khandaar region. the body of Tiger T-65 found in a water filled pit, fear of death due to bli attack or liver failure On June 25, 2016, Tigress T-11 was also found dead in a similar manner.

Tiger T65 Dead

No injury marks or wounds were found on the body, samples sent for investigation
T65 is was the son of Tiger Krishna .Tiger T-65 found dead in Khandaar region.

Sad news has come from Ranthambore National Park on Tuesday. 10 years old T-65s were found lying in the water at the arrival account of the common post in Khahar range. No serious marks were found on his body. There is a high probability of having a heart attack. On June 25, 2016, in the early morning, the body of 11 Pa’s bandh T-11 was also found in same manner.

It has been revealed in the post-mortem that T65 died on Monday after 12 pm. No district marks were found on the body. In such a situation, there is no possibility of this tiger having conflict with the other . At the same time, in the water in which the dead body of the fmT65 was found, others of the sanctuary are also drinking water. Gamples have been taken from the tiger’s body, are being sent for investigation in Parpur.

When Staf went to Check Security at that time , the body of the tiger was seen in the water. At around 9 am on Tuesday morning, the forest department team was trekking the tigers in the sanctuary. Meanwhile, water in the saline chatha of the sanctuary A tiger appeared in the middle. When T65 did not move in the middle of the water for a long time, he became apprehensive and looked closer and came to know about his death. High officials of the forest department reached the spot and the body was pulled out from the water. The dying Bam has been identified as AAP T-65. It was born in 2011.

Doctor found bleeding inside the abdomen Liver also bleeding inside the abdomen has been found. There was water in Bam’s lungs. The team has taken samples after post-mortem. The samples will be sent to IBRI and forensic labs. The real cause of death will be known only after investigation.