583 tourists visited the park in Ranthambore on the second day

Tourists Sighted Tigers at 6 Place in Ranthambore National Park, online booking could not start even on Saturday

Tourism will be closed today… tourists are allowed to visit the sanctuary for 3:30 hours in the morning and evening shift, 604 tourists arrived in two days,

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how many tourists in which shift

morning: 115 tourists among 29 gypsies

56 tourists in 6 caterers

evening : 162 tourists in 41 gypsies

250 tourists in 25 caterers

According to the orders of the Forest Department, tourists can stay in the forest for three and a half hours from 6 to 9:30 in the morning shift and from 1-15 to 4:45 pm in the evening shift. During this, the route that the tourist vehicle will get will be able to travel on the same route as before. No tourist can leave the vehicle and go to another. At present, booking is being done on all routes of the jungle, but most are going between 1 and 5 only.

On the very second day of the opening of Randhir’s locks for tourists, the number of tourists was 21, while 583 on the second day on Saturday, this number is expected to increase continuously till June 30. Tigers appeared in the morning and in the shift on Saturday. Due to non-revision of new rates by DOIT on site, these bookings could not be done. The department is also waiting for the government order to continue tourism in five zones at mansoon In the morning and evening shift, tourists have been allowed to tour for 3:30 hours. Tourism will be closed on Sunday.

Appearance of tigers in three zones in a single innings is a good sign for Ranthambore

On Zone no.1 Tigress Sultana , on Zone No.5 Male tigers have been seen .on Zone no 3 arrowheads , male tigrers on zones 4 and 5. Tourists were disappointed as the tiger could not be sighted at 2 and 6. Similarly, in the morning shift too, tigers were seen by tourists on two zones. The appearance of tigers on three zones in a day, especially in a single shift, is considered very ‘important’ in a forest like Ranthambore. This is a good sign according to the number of tigers and tourism. Riddhi strolling on the main road leading to Randhabhore Fort on Saturday.

New Rates of Booking As per Booking ACF Sumit Bansal was sent for Offline Booking One Tour to be loaded on the booking site. This work will be completed in the new rates.

All five of the core zone of Ranthambore Sanctuary are waiting for the order of tourism arrangement in the rain.

Zones will be closed from July 1 to September 31. During these three months, tourism will be completely closed in all one to five zones. The same zone continues in the rainy season between six and ten, but tourism takes place every year between 29 and 30 June only after a separate permission order is issued by the Chief Wildlife Warden. No such orders have been received yet. Along with the rains, most of the unpaved roads of Ranshambhir either get cut off due to water availability or due to slippery on the sub it is not safe for the vehicles to move. Similarly, due to the greenery of the forest and the availability of hunting and water, the number of tourists decreases due to this.

On Saturday also the work of online booking has been written to DoIT. From there the site could not be started. As soon as there is a change in the shift in the morning and evening, the site will be opened to the tourists only after booking offline by DOIT here. It is expected that for a day or two, the sight of wildlife also reduces.