How many Tigers in Ranthambore?

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In 2006, there were only 18 tigers in the state, that too only in Ranthambore, now there are 102 tigers in the state’s sanctuaries, out of which 72 Tigers in Ranthambore

Extension point of Golden Triangle: due to Tigers in Ranthambore

Tourism to Ranthambore According to this, the extension point of the Golden Triangle is considered. Tourists coming from abroad visit Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, then they also like to see the nearby Ranthambore from all these three places. Ranthambore alone attracts almost as many foreign tourists as all the rest of the country’s tiger reserves.

Ranthambore is synonymous with tiger in Rajasthan. When the existence of the Royal Bengal Tiger was reduced to Pakistan through the western countries, at that time the mountain ranges of Ranthambore, the confluence of the Aravalli and Vindhyachal mountain ranges in Rajasthan, gave protection to the tigers. In the year 1901, there were 6 thousand tigers in Rajasthan, out of which 5 thousand were found in these two mountain ranges. But after that the number of tigers continued to decrease. In the year 2006, there were only 18 tigers left in the whole of Rajasthan,
in Ranthambore only in just 15 years, this number has once again increased from 18 to 100. Of which 72 are in Ranthambore. 11 tigers of Ranthambore were given to Sariska and Mukandra forest area. Today, there is not a single tiger in the state, in which part of any tiger of Ranthambore is not present. Tigers here are also found in Dholpur and Karauli districts. Apart from this, tigers knock from here on crossing the Chambal river, through Sheopur to Datia and on the other side from Agra.
~ Maximum 526 tigers

22 children 24 females 26 males in Madhya Pradesh

MP 526

Karnataka 524

Uttarakhand 442

Maharashtra 312

Tamil Nadu 264

Assam 190

keral 190

UP 173
Stats 2018

Worry : Area Less for Tigers

The average area of each tiger share in Ranthambore is about 8 to 10 sq km. Earlier this range was 30 km. The area of Ranthambore Sanctuary and its adjoining forest area is more than 1700 sq km, but only 600 sq km has been made by tigers in it. It includes 392 Ranthambore National Park, 167 Sawai Mansingh Sanctuary and only 50 sq km area of Karauli Sanctuary. In Kailadevi, the government was to displace 20 thousand people from 5 thousand families living in the forest area and 60 villages on its border, but the work has not started there.