sundari t-17

It was a real inherit of Great Machli Mother of( Sundari T-17) -she was very popular tigress from her childhood because of her boldness! That’s the reason Sundari T-17 was never shy to human being whether they are on foot or on vehicles as tourists. Sundari T-17 comes from the family of legendary tigress Machli who ruled the most beautiful area of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve for over 10 years. 

Sundari T-17 was one of the three sisters from Machli’s 5th and last litter (T-17, T-18, and T-19). She was viewed as a Jungle of Ranthambore after Her Mother.

Sundari T-17

She was brought into the world in year 2006 and was raised by her mother Machli. Sundari T-17 was given a perfect training to make due in wild. T-17 started claiming her dominance in lake area in very early age.

 when she was about 18 months old in Dec 2007 while her other two sisters (T-18, and T-19) stayed with the mother, 

Finally by the mid year of 2008, Sundari T-17 turns out to be totally independent, her both sisters took another couple of months to separate from their mother.

 In a succession, she defeated both her sisters, then mother and declared herself the leader of Ranthambore fort and lakes area which is the best habitat for the tiger in all over the world.

T-18 was shifted to Sariska on 25/02/2009. T-19 moved towards uneven area of high point and Lahpur. Machli left for Lakarda, but soon she had to leave that area too.

T-17 was radio collared by forest department in June 23, 2008 for 3 years. During that period she had mating with several male tigers like T-25 and T-28 etc, but she was unable to get pregnant.

 But meanwhile her sister, T-19 got pregnant and gave 3 cubs. After realizing the issue with her Smt Bina kak then forest minister of Rajasthan requested for removal of the collar in November 2011 .

and she mated with T-28 and T-25 of every seven days time and she got pregnant. Evidently she got pregnant by T-25

After 3.5 month, she conveyed her first litter of 3 cubs. The first litter was first sighted on 29 June 2012 by nature control, Ram Singh Meena in zone no. 3.

Tigress Sundari T-17 was caring for them very well but she had a gigantic threat for her cubs in lake area, that was from her own sisters T-19 and her 20 months old cubs (2 male – 1 female).

To protect them from the imerging threat to life of cubs, Sundari T-17 chose to leave the territory and shifted towards peripheral area and territory of T-25 a male tiger, who was the father of her cubs.

Sundari T17 was seen several times in Kachida, Bhadlav area several times but one day she abruptly disappeared. Nobody has any idea that what happened to her?

But fortunately her cubs were alive, and about to kick the bucket because of appetite. Than the responsibility was taken up by forest department to care for them, feed them and keep them alive in wild.

And then a miracle happened, T-25 a male tiger who was probably their father came forward as their guardian and started taking care of them.

 T-25 had done this to 2 orphaned cubs of – 5, Bina-1 and Bina-2 as well as.Both they are in Sariska now.

Thus the all 3 cubs of T-17 endure and were trained to live in wild by their father. These three cubs presently has become sub adults and referred to, for example, T-73 (Female cub), T-74 (male cub) and T-75 (male cub).

T-17 disappearance is still a mystery till today…..