A timid and predominant tigress of zone no. 6, 7, and 8, she meanders between Balas, Chidi-Khoh and Kundal region. She is one among the three fledglings brought into the world to T-5 Kachida, tigress and fathered by T-2. Tigress T-8 was the littlest of her three kin and shiest. Her mom’s top choice and subsequently her name was given, (dearest Ladali).Her kin – T-6 (Romeo) is occupant male of Chiroli region where as T-7 moved in Sariska on February 23, 2011, privately known as ST-6.

Tigress T-8 had given her first litter including one male and one female in 2011. After grew up as grown-ups, they had isolated from their mom (T-8) in 2013 While a female whelp is known as T-61 settled down in zone no. 8 (Balas region) of the recreation area that was likewise important for her mom’s domain, A male fledgling became T-62 who needed to move out of the recreation area in 2013.

Once more, she was spotted with her second litter of one fledgling around November 2013 in Balas region however little is had some significant awareness of this litter. She had given her third litter including two male offspring, spotted with multi month old fledglings for first time on fourth June 2014 at Chhidi-Kho region (zone no. 7).

Tigress T-8 imparts her domain to an overwhelm tiger, T-34 known as Kumbha. He is likely fathered her every one of the three litters.

Sadly, in one mishap, one male whelp of third litter of T-8 tracked down dead March 9, 2015. It is expected that the male fledgling was killed by T-58. Presently days, she is with her one male whelp.

The two guys fledglings got their tiger code as T-86 and T-87. T-87 was dead on March9, 2015 while T-86 is attempting to make its own domain and as a rule sights in zone no.3, 4 and 6.

In the wake of isolating her own whelps, Ladali gave her fourth litter including 3 offspring. Tigress T-8 was located with her fourth litter remembering 3 offspring for the morning safari on Feb.28, 2017. God favor HER!

Again, Ladali conveyed her fifth litter and in this litter, she delivered three offspring . She was located with her three whelps first time on 12 February 2020.

How to IdentifyTigress T-8 Ladali

Ladali t-8

Photo courtesy By Mohan Singh,Ranthambore!

t-8 ladali

Photo courtesy By Mohan Singh,Ranthambore!