A symbol of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve-T-19 or Krishna and her present domain is covered to be significantly greater than some other tigers of the recreation area. Her region incorporates the whole three lakes region, Singh-Dwar, Gular-kui, Tamba-Khan, Lakkada, Maggar-Dah, Gazzal – Hill, Mandoop, High-Point, Nal-Ghati, Khemcha Kund acorss zone no 2, 3, 4 and 5.

The acquire of the Great Machhali – For once; she was extremely bashful and very meek in her youth. She is one of them from the group of amazing tigress Machhali who administered the most lovely area of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve for over 10 years. It is one of the three sisters from Machhali’s fifth and last litter (T-17, T-18, and T-19). She was brought into the world in 2006, during storm time to tigress Machhali and T-2, Ranthambhore’s prevailing male and was raised by her mom Machhali. She was given an ideal preparing to make due in wild.

As a dutiful fledgling, she spent her whole youth to near her well known mother and the sisters consistently in the critical area of three lakes and post.

After grew up as sub grown-ups, her intense sister, T-17 was the most more grounded in each of the three sisters and she turns out to be absolutely autonomous in the three lakes and post region in 2008. Through regional battle, T-17 crushed her the two sisters (T-18 and T-19) first and later mother as well. Hence T-19 had to move in bumpy region in eastern side of lake in Nal Ghati, Narsatta, Mandook, High Point, Lahpur region while her sister, T-18 was moved to Sariska Tiger Reserve on 25/02/2009.

After settle down in Lahpur valley, Krishna (T-19) brought forth 3 offspring as her first litter of two guys and one female in the year 2011. Yet, still she was located with her fledglings periodically in the recreation area because of her bashful nature. T-19 with her first litter was spotted on 26 May 2011 essentially guides, Saleem and Farid Khan at Nal Ghati region in zone no. 2.

In 2012, her sister, T-17 needed to move her contemporary region of three lakes region to shield her exceptionally youthful 3 offspring from the arising danger to life of them. She chose to leave the region and moved towards Kachida Valley .This development offered T-19 the brilliant chance to return home, to take an empty area of T-17. It was an ideal time for Krishna, her offspring grew up as sub grown-ups and she involved the best tiger living space in all around the world once more. Thusly she became Ranthambhore Queen. Ultimately, her 3 fledglings went separate from their mom in the year 2013 and set up their own domain


On 17 October 2013, woods dept. had given tiger code (ID numbers) from T-48 to T-75 to every one of the sub grown-up offspring of the recreation area. In this arrangement, her 3 whelps got their tiger codes and names. The female whelp is known as T-63, while the both male fledglings are known as T-64 and T-65.

One year from now, Sunday 23 March 2014, she was spotted with her second litter of two females and one male first time while she was moving her fledglings by holding them in her mouth through her canine individually naturally guide Ram Singh Meena with U K visitor Oliver Gayle. It was unforgotten memory for fortunate untamed life sightseers who saw Krishna with her 3 whelps… yet… it was not peak. The peak came half month after the fact, when the illustrious height was strolling with her four fledglings in a line like the March around Raj-Bag-Lake toward the beginning of the day drive on 8 April 2014. It was dream for the untamed life photographic artists and travelers, while they were shooting Iconic family by grasping their cameras like they were offering Guard of Honor to the illustrious family in tiger realm, Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve. The peak uncovered that T-19 had conveyed four fledglings not three in her second litter in light of the fact that the fourth whelp of T19 was spotted first time. Then, at that point, T-19 turned into the ICON of Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve and her four whelps were located proceed till 18 April 2014. Tragically, after that one fledgling has been missed. Then, at that point, T-19 and her 3 offspring have been located consistently and entire family became famous family since it is the best option for each natural life photographic artists and vacationers from everywhere the world.

Krishna was located with her 4 new offspring toward the beginning of the day drive in zone no.4 first time. It is the third litter of Krishna. Extraordinary news from Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

Tigress T-19