Photograhs of Tigress T-114 shot in the ban area

After the incident of a photo shoot of tigress T-114 cubs by a wildlife photographer in a restricted area in zone number 10 of Ranthambore National Park.

IMG 20210710 072544
T-114 Cubs photo Click by Photographer in Ban Area of Zone 10 -Ranthambore National Park

the forest officials who came into action gathered complete information about the incident.

Along with this, CCTV cameras were checked and entry registers were checked and the forest workers of Zone 10 were also questioned about this. In this case, the photo shoot of T-114 and his cubs entered the park till the advance orders of the driver of gypsy number RJ25-TA-2245 on behalf of the Forest Department on Friday.has been banned.

on behalf of the department ,Two gypsies have been identified for violating the rules. At present, the guide, driver and travel agent present in the gypsies on Saturday night on 10th July is being identified by the department.

Photographs of T-114 and her two cubs were shared from Insta named Priyanka Agarwal. She stayed in zone number 10 for about 1 hour and saw the pranks of Tiger T-114 and her cubs. After the matter came to light, action is being taken by the forest officials after taking cognizance